Sprinkler Repair Austin – To Repair or Replace?

February 17, 2014

Sprinkler Repair for Austin Residents and Businesses

Is an old sprinkler system costing too much? Repairing or renovating an existing sprinkler system can improve efficiency and reduce costs. Repair or replace? That is the question that many Austin home owners and businesses are facing. The answer is strongly dependent on a variety of factors including irrigation needs, age and effectiveness of the existing sprinkler system and budget.

Irrigation needs are strongly dependent on a few key factors: property size, lay of the land and lawn vs. landscaping. Depending on the situation, it might be necessary to install a more efficient system. In other cases, a few modifications may achieve the desired effect. And lastly, budget plays a significant role in how one addresses sprinkler repairs.

Sprinkler Repair – Austin’s Greatest Water Conservation Efforts

Sprinklers that are not operating at their peak can be a costly problem. In Texas, it is not uncommon to experience droughts and periods of high heat. It is during these times, that home and business owners often feel the effects of a poorly designed or inefficient sprinkler system. Sprinkler systems that are old and outdated may be leaking or may require more water to achieve the same results as a newer or updated system.

The push for water conservation has had a huge impact on irrigation. This has led many home owners and businesses to re-think irrigation and their sprinkler system. When irrigating a larger property that is primarily lawn, one should consider a type of sprinkler nozzle that will utilize large droplets of water to minimize misting and wind drift. A sprinkler system that utilizes these types of nozzles  are extremely effective at providing the water needs of larger areas. A drip system is best suited, however, for landscapes that require direct water delivery, such as; pots, landscape beds and container gardens. Drip systems deliver water directly to the roots  of plants and eliminate run-off and evaporation that often occur with spray-type sprinkler systems. A licensed irrigation specialist can provide valuable insights into sprinkler systems that will adequately and efficiently achieve the desired irrigation results.

Sprinkler Repair – Efficiency for Austin Residents and Businesses

Repairing an existing sprinkler system can pose certain challenges that are best addressed by a licensed irrigation specialist. At Meridian Landscape Services, our licensed irrigation specialists can provide valuable insights and cost effective options for your sprinkler system and irrigation needs. A walk-thru inspection and supporting reports will help diagnosis your sprinkler system and indicate any repairs that are needed. Contact us today to discuss your project.

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