Irrigation Systems - Do-It-Yourself Services

Meridian Landscape Services offers professional irrigation help to the “do it yourself” homeowner. As with any project, good planning will save you time, effort and money. Our licensed irrigation system experts will help your irrigation efforts be successful by providing valuable insights, effective design and quality component recommendations.

Irrigation Systems Consultation 

We provide consultative services to the “do it yourself” homeowner interested in irrigation systems for their home. This service affords anyone the convenience of getting the information necessary to successfully install a complete irrigation system on-time and on budget. Our irrigation system consultations are based on an hourly rate with a minimum of one hour.

Irrigation System Design

We take great pride in developing a custom irrigation system design for you. The design is computer generated and provides a clean, detailed design map for you to use during the irrigation system installation process. Our irrigation system design experts utilize the plot plan provided by you to create an optimal irrigation system design. If a plot plan is not available, our irrigation system design experts are available to measure your project for you on a contracted bases.

Upon design completion, all piping and components will be labeled for your convenience. Our design experts will also calculate the hydraulics to ensure that the irrigation system will function properly when installed to design specifications.

All recommended components are easy to work with and will allow the homeowner to install a system which will be efficient and cost effective for maintaining a lush landscape. Because of the time and effort needed to trench, install and fine tune an irrigation system, our licensed irrigator and staff are available to assist you. If you find that the installation process becomes too overwhelming, we are also available to help complete your project.

The “DIY” Irrigation System Process

·         Obtain permit from city to install an irrigation system (if applicable)

·         Contact Meridian for irrigation system consultation and design services

·         Send plot plan to Meridian to start irrigation system design process

·         Receive an irrigation design stamped by our Licensed Irrigator that includes a materials list necessary for the installation.

·         Install irrigation system per the design

·         Get a back-flow test completed by a Licensed Back-flow tester

Contact Meridian Landscape Services today to learn more about our irrigation system services.