Irrigation System Repair and Renovations

Irrigation System Repair – Improving Efficiency for Better Results 

Keeping your irrigation system operating correctly is integral to its usefulness and longevity. The irrigation system repair services at Meridian Landscape Services will ensure that your system is functioning properly and efficiently. Whether it’s a simple broken head, complex mainline or electrical repair, Meridian’s irrigation experts have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done correctly. Our irrigation repairs services include:

  • Repair/Replace water wasting components- heads, pipes, nozzles
  • Controller installation/retro-fit/ programming
  • Wireless rain/freeze sensor installation
  • Resolve pressure problems 
  • Eliminate dry or wet areas in your landscape
  • Re-route existing irrigation for your new outdoor spaces and pools
  • Back-flow Testing

Irrigation System Renovation - Sustainable Solutions

Ever increasing awareness of environmental sustainability is a consideration in all of Meridian’s irrigation system renovation services. We are dedicated to provide our customers with an efficient, conservative and user friendly irrigation systems. Our high efficiency components, wireless sensors and cutting edge irrigation controllers can be retrofitted to your existing system to increase efficiency and decrease water consumption and operating costs. 

In addition, Meridian offers zone conversions that utilize drip irrigation and micro-spray components. These irrigation system renovations are perfect for landscape beds, gardens and pots because it delivers precisely to the root zone of plants and trees where they need it most. This results in water and money savings for our customers. 

Irrigation System Repair and Renovation Experts – Meridian Landscape Services

Whether it’s your home or business, Meridian has the knowledge and experience to repair or renovate your irrigation system. We are committed to servicing our customers so they can enjoy an efficient, conservative and user friendly irrigation systems that will help save water and sustain their landscape for years.

An irrigation system repair or renovation can improve the efficiency of your system and provide years of usefulness. At Meridian Landscape Services, our irrigation system repair and renovation experts have been serving Central Texas businesses and homeowners with 20 years experience. We are also members of the TTIA (Texas Turf Irrigation Association) and licensed by the State of Texas (LI 14525). As a result, our customers can take comfort in the fact that their repair or restoration is going to be done correctly. So whether you live in Round Rock, Georgetown, Hutto, Austin, Lakeway, Leander, Cedar Park, Kyle, Buda, or San Marcos, Meridian Landscape Services is here to help with your irrigation system repair or renovation. Contact us today to schedule your irrigation repair or renovation.